Strategy & Planning

Research, strategise and develop a realistic,
budgeted and executable plan.
We work as if we are your own marketing
department to create a powerful ‘unique selling proposition' to your target market.


Branding & Promotion

Create marketing collateral, websites and promote your business with a small budget and focus your promotional activities to deliver great return on investment.


Training & Consulting

We will train you and your team, develop their
management and marketing skills, so you can
continue on your own if you choose, working
at your own pace and we’ll come to you!


Now we can put the plan into action! Alternatively you can come to us with a plan of what you want and we will make it happen. It’s that easy!  Perhaps it’s building a website, coordinating an advertising campaign, or designing a new logo.

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Logo, brochure, packaging, graphic design and development

An effective logo clearly deliver your business message, helps you emotionally connect with your target market, motivates the consumer to purchase your product or utilise your services, validates and strengthens your business image and reputation and consolidates consumer loyalty. We will work with you to create an attractive visual identity that will efficiently reflect the personality and values of your business within the marketplace.  Even if your existing logo just needs a refresh, we can also create a new branding strategy and logo so your visual identity is in line with the new objectives and strategies your business may have.

Website design and development

Websites are a very important marketing tool and having an effective internet presence is an essential part of doing business these days.  Our web development services include the design, construction and implementation of websites. We can manage the creation of your website from devising a site structure (flow), supplying the design concepts and writing succinct and persuasive website copy. We create professional websites that will demonstrate credibility and trustworthiness, be an effective promotional tool targeted directly at your customers, be easy to update or we’ll do it for you, provide well written information about your business, provide good stock photography and stand out amongst your competitors.

Search engine optimisation

So what is it and why all the fuss? The bottom line is that SEO is about building your business without you having to engage in active marketing activities. It is used to generate more new business enquiries or sales and direct as many people to your site as possible. The more hits you get the higher you get ranked! It is effectively as easy as straight forward as that.

SEO is the process of making strategic technical and content changes to a website to make it more “attractive” to search engines such as Google. However, Google alter their techniques, algorithms and calculation of rankings and is a constantly changing process of ranking. The algorithm is used to find the most relevant web page amongst billions of competing web pages for each search query. The highest ranking or "most relevant" web pages for a specific search query get the top spots in search engine results.  SEO Improves rankings or listings in search engines, increases traffic to your site, increases exposure and improved brand awareness and recognition, increases sales due to increase leads and enquiries and improves market perception of your business.

Starter SEO Package

Once your initial SEO Package is completed your search engine ranking requires upkeep to maintain your high ranking position. If not, you will find that your competitors will begin taking your spot very quickly. It’s for this reason that we always recommend a SEO Maintenance plan. Maintenance plans focus on (1) adding, changing and evolving keywords linked into the site; (2) adding, changing and copywriting SEO web friendly copy and blogs; and (3) building links that point to your website. Different maintenance plans and prices are reflective of the amount of these that go into each one.

 (TV & Radio)

Sometimes the best way to get your message out there is on air, on the box or in the rag. Our strategic business alliances mean that we have access to quality sound studios, voice talent, agency buying power and facilities on hand to produce your television commercial, radio spot or newspaper advertising campaign. We can develop a campaign specifically designed to drive enquiries and leads to your business, develop a jingle and then specifically target the best time slots in a package to suit your needs and budget.

Public relations, event & promotions management

Promotions are a way of communicating your product or service in order to boost sales and attract new customers and can involve a wide variety of marketing activities including: competition creation, exhibitions, incentive programs, discounts or vouchers, free gift with purchase, free samples and joint promotions. We will work with you to create an appropriate and effective promotional campaign for your business. From creating the completion concept to execution and drawing the winner we can do it all. Our consultants have experience running and hosting expo booths, running national loyalty and competition promotions and co-ordinating mutually beneficial sponsorships.

If you need to organise a big corporate launch, children’s birthday party or formal awards night then we can help. We will plan, coordinate and event management the event on the day, you can feel confident that your event will be a success. We can venue search and make recommendations to suit your requirements and budget, develop an event program and agenda, design and produce invitations (electronic and paper based), mail or hand deliver (in some cases) invitations, check RSVPs and follow up of non-responses, make menu recommendations, prepare powerpoint presentations and handouts, name tags, business card barrels and door prizes.